Steve’s Story

Steve’s Story

We have all had the experience of buying a special gift for a child, and watching them open it. They cannot hide their joy — and this ignites true joy in ourselves. 

These are some of the most special moments between families and other people in our lives. 

I have observed over the years that despite the vast “advances” and trends in children’s toys, teddy bears hold a steadfast place of honor for bringing hope and joy to children of every age—“big” kids and adults too—without the need for any bells, whistles, or batteries. Teddy bears listen well, give great hugs, and never give bad advice. Many bears earn a place of honor as children grow, tucked into camp bags, nestled in college dorms or apartments when young adults step away from home for the first time. Many are passed down to a new generation.

In my retirement, I want to spread the joy of a teddy bear far beyond the circle of special people in my life. Knowing the comfort Flatty Bear brought to me, I want Flatty to be that lasting gift to hundreds or thousands of children who need a teddy bear to hold and love. I wish I could be there every time Flatty Bear is opened, to share in that moment. 

This is the best part. As a registered non-profit, our mission is to donate teddy bears through our charity partners. When you purchase Flatty Bear to light up the eyes of someone you love, an identical teddy bear is donated to a child who needs one. We are committed to doing this in a sustainable way and I see a bright future for our endeavor. 

Will you join us in our mission to spread joy everywhere?

Steve Singiser, founder and CEO of Flatty Bear

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