Bear Unboxing

Bear Unboxing

On June 2, the first — long-awaited — order of Flatty Bears arrived at our home in Rutland, Vermont. It was a joyous, watershed moment; the culmination of many dreams, much work, and more than two months of waiting for a shipment that originated across the world.

I was stunned to see that a hundred Flatty Bears fit into two large boxes, which I eagerly opened. But it makes sense, as Flatty has always been an excellent traveler who doesn’t take up much space.

Seeing the crate finally unloaded from the delivery truck really brought home that Flatty Bear, my constant companion in childhood, is about to become a companion for children everywhere.


Somewhere, there are another 5,900 bears in transit between India, where Flatty is manufactured, and the United States. By the time you read this, I hope they will have arrived at our Vermont fulfillment center. Once those bears are safely in our hands, we will be open for business! You’ll be able to send a bear to a child you love and help us send a bear to a child who needs love through our charity partner, Save The Children. 

For me, these are days to remember!

Steve Singiser, founder and CEO of Flatty Bear

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